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Why Travel With Epic Backpacker Tours

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The Epic Backpacker Tours Style

Choosing a tour operator is no easy decision – so why should you travel with Epic Backpacker Tours?

When you choose us, you not only have the authentic journey of a life­time, but you will also become part of our com­mu­ni­ty. Our guides and staff have the experience, skills, and local knowl­edge to bring you meaningful and authen­tic trips, with adventure-packed itin­er­aries you simply will not find with another tour company. We believe in doing things the right way and in all of the little details that add up to make a trip special.

Each one of our handcrafted itineraries offers something uniquely Epic – whether it is staying with a family in a remote mountain village, trekking with nomads, or photographing foxes in Siberia – once you become part of the Epic community – you are left with a lifetime of good memories, new experiences, and a full heart.

We Give Back to Local Communities

One of the founding principles of Epic Backpacker Tours was to give back to the local communities that make our trips so special.

Every trip we run is designed to keep as much as our trip dollars local as possible. We never stay in big chain hotels, eat at international fast-food restaurants, or hire local guides from outside the region/village/area where we work.

Over the last few years, a percentage of every trip we run is used to fund local community projects that empower local people to use sustainable tourism initiatives for the benefit of their community and their families.

We Seek Out Unique Accommodation

Whenever possible we seek out comfortable and unique accommodation options.

We aim to turn the simple act of falling asleep in a bed or tent each night into an experience in itself.

From staying in a yurt in the Central Asian Steppe to sharing a camp with nomadic herders in Iran to recharging the body in a chic eco-lodge in Pakistan – we always find the best places to sleep.

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Our Covid Refund Policy

We understand the seriousness and impact on the whole world presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you have already booked or plan to book a trip, check out our policy here

Our Covid Promise

We do not sugarcoat things either. While traveling right now is becoming easier by the day as more and more governments ease travel restrictions and the global Covid numbers continue to decline, the idea of planning a holiday right now is stressful and complex – full stop. 

For much of the pandemic, travel has been unpredictable and travel logistics have been complicated. That’s exactly why as of March 2020 we have been offering some of the most flexible booking policies in the adventure travel industry. 

We want to remove the anxiety associated with international travel by giving you our Covid Promise; when it comes to your holiday booking; we believe that there should be no uncertainty or anxiety or questions left unanswered. 

There are no grey areas in our policy: your booking dollars are 100% covered in the event that Covid-related issues prevent you from coming on the trip OR if we have to cancel a guaranteed trip due to Covid complications, border closures, etc. 

We will also never collect a full trip payment from you unless a trip is guaranteed. 

Sustainable Eco-Conscious Adventures

Environmental stewardship is one of our core founding principles. We want to protect the beautiful destinations we visit from the effects of large-scale tourism by not contributing to the global plastic problem.

For example, we do our best to eliminate single-use plastic from our trips by encouraging every client to bring a water purifier bottle – thus we never need to buy plastic bottles.

We also organize annual campsite clean-ups in multiple areas of Northern Pakistan.

We Love Tasty Food Too!

What is one of the main reasons why we humans love to travel?


We believe that bodies should not just be nourished with healthy food, but so should our taste buds; we actively seek out and explore different cultures’ culinary traditions.

Part of what makes each trip so special is trying all of the local food dishes, street meats, and fried pastries we can get our hands-on.

From Lahori street food to Persian camel burgers to mountain household soup recipes, our clients get to try it all.

We also do our best to cater to those with special diets – vegetarians and vegans fear not; you will eat well on our trips too!

hiking in pakistan

All Inclusive Trips

When you book with us, there are no hidden fees or surprise extra costs. Our all-inclusive trips allow our clients to focus 100% on the experience. We provide :

  • Local healthy meals,
  • Quality group camping gear
  • Transportation,
  • Professional guides,
  • Visa paperwork and permit fees,
  • Accommodation 

Everything you need to have an awesome trip.

Professional Guides and Expert Local Staff

We are lucky enough to employ some of the best guides in the business.

Our expert staff is extremely knowledgeable about the locations, culture, and terrain we work in. You will walk away from this travel experience having gained a wealth of knowledge about the country you travel to with us.

We go above and beyond for our clients before, during, and after every trip we run.

We Travel to Places Other Companies Don't Go

We started this company because we were unable to find the kind of tours to the kind of places we wanted to go.

Even in an age of mass tourism, finding a company that can deliver affordable, professional, quality, unique adventures to the edge of Siberia or a remote mountain pass in Pakistan is not easy to come by.

Epic Backpacker Tours offers EPIC trips because we are masters at solving complex logistics in off the beaten path destinations, and we have a whole hell of a lot of fun doing it.

All of Our Adventures are ACTIVE Adventures

Active people are happy people – Which is exactly why each trip we run has an element of physical activity involved.

Arriving on foot is how we like to roll.

Whether you are an experienced trekker looking for an epic multi-day challenge or you are relatively new to hiking, we offer a variety of trips geared towards different fitness levels and hiking intensity.

Group Trips for People Who Don't Do Group Trips

For many of our clients, traveling with Epic Backpacker Tours is their first-ever group trip.

As former solo world travelers ourselves, we know that joining a group trip can be intimating if you are use to planning your own trips.

But since day one, our goal and mindset has been to offer group trips “for people who don’t normally do group trips”.

We want you to feel like you are traveling with like minded people who are just as interested in unique,
authentic travel experience as you are.

altit fort hunza

One On One Pre-Trip Support

Communication is key to getting you prepared for your next EPIC adventure.

Every client who books with us gets one on one trip preparation phone calls, custom advice, detailed gear recommendations, and more so that when the time comes to start your trip, you are fully ready.

Our staff are there for you every step of the way in the trip planning process.

Our Trips are Diverse

Our trip participants come from diverse backgrounds.

On average we might have 7 different nationalities on a trip of 12 people – which makes our expeditions a truly international affair!

We also have an equal number of men and women joining out trips.

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