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Volcanoes of Kamchatka FAQ

Fitness Level

Strenuous: Trekking in the Kamchatka Tre is a challenge even for experienced hikers. As a group, we spend 6 days trekking deep into one of the world’s wildest areas – with all of our gear on our back. Unlike in Nepal, there are no villages out here. This an expedition style trek, meaning we carry all of our gear with us – though we aim to keep everyone’s backpack weight between 15 and 20 kgs maximum. 

Our trekking days will certainly not be “death marches” and all trekking days are of reasonable distance and intensity.

Flights: I heard the flight prices are exorbitant

Geographically Kamchatka is a peninsula but there are no roads from the mainland. In fact, the only practical way of getting there is by air. The airport code is PKC, which is much easier to type in when searching for tickets than the full name of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Flying from Europe, it is convenient to take a direct flight from Moscow operated by Aeroflot daily. The flight is usually refundable for around €30. From Hong Kong or Seoul there are flights via Vladivostok by S7, another reputable Russian carrier. Kamchatka can also be reached from the West Coast of the USA on a flight from Anchorage run by Yakutia airlines.

Cheap fares for July are on sale regularly and start at €300 roundtrip from Moscow with luggage, which is actually very reasonable for an 8 hour non-stop across the globe. If you are considering bespoke dates, mind that flights can be up to two times more expensive in August.

Who should apply?

The perfect candidate:

  • You want to visit a super remote part of Siberia.
  • You are comfortable in mountain environments.
  • You love being part of an adventure team.
  • You’re a keen hiker and maintain decent fitness.
  • You are able to hike with a 20 kg (max) backpack on for long distances
  • You don’t need to be connected to the internet.
  • You’re a team player and understand that plans sometimes change.
  • You are keen to head on a real adventure.
  • You have experience trekking at altitude.
  • You are capable of trekking for 5-7 hours per day.
  • You do NOT have a fear of heights.
  • You are interested in getting to know one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world.
  • You have done a fair bit of traveling before.
  • You have a basic understanding of cultural awareness.
  • You have a positive attitude and want to gain new amazing life experiences.

How hard is it to get the Russian Visa?

Not at all although a visit to your local embassy is usually required. We will e-mail you a scanned copy of the invitation letter and the ‘tourist voucher’. We will also be at hand in case you have any difficulties filling the online application. Most nationalities have their visas issued within 5 working days. You do not need your air ticket to apply for the visa.

Will there be bears and if so are they dangerous?

Sightings are not guaranteed but quite likely despite barren volcanic landscapes.

The animals are not aggressive unless provoked but the group must be large enough to be a deterrent. We will be safe as long as there are at least 4 participants plus the guide. The bear population in this part of Kamchatka is sparse and we will not need bear canisters – just the flares.

Will there be sweet, sweet WiFi on our trip?

Once we leave Kamchatka City, WiFi is non-existent.

There is no mobile reception whatsoever on the trek. To stay online in Kozyrevsk and Petropavlovsk avoiding data roaming charges you can buy a local SIM card for about €5.

Guides do carry satellite messenger devices.

Do I need technical gear?

You do not need technical mountaineering gear. You do need things like mosquito repellent, mosquito net, sturdy hiking boots, your preferred tent, sleeping bag, and trekking poles.

We will also send you a detailed gear list along with the visa invitation once we have received the deposit.

Are the mosquitos that bad?

It is safer to say YES, and that is perhaps the only downside of traveling to Kamchatka in July. However, most people tolerate them well. Mosquito repellent of industrial-strength – at least 30% DEET – is essential. The mosquito net is also necessary to enjoy quiet evenings but most of the time we will be walking without a net. 

What are the typical weather conditions?

Daily temperatures can vary greatly but you can plan for +5-20 °C. Subzero temperatures at night are possible but quite unlikely. However, it can be wet so bring quality rain gear and impregnate your boots. Snow storms are possible in September but not likely. 

Where do I need to apply for my visa?

You will need a letter of invitation to Russia from our partner in Russia, a copy of your passport, a filled in visa form, passport copy, etc. A full list and instructions will be provided when the time comes to apply. It really is not difficult and typically visa approval occurs within 10 days or less. 

Is insurance included in the tour?

No it is not. To travel on this tour, you must buy travel insurance. We will provide recommendations closer to the start of the trip. If you don’t buy travel insurance, you will not be allowed to come on the trek.

It is Mandatory for every trip participant to take out a travel membership with Global Rescue. This is because they are one of the few companies who organize helicopter evacuation in Siberia in the case of an emergency. Note that this is NOT full medical travel insurance. Global Rescue also offers full medical travel insurance, but the important policy to take out is a Global Rescue Membership. If you don’t want to go with Global Rescue for medical travel insurance, that’s fine – but again, all members MUST have the Global Rescue Membership that covers helicopter evacuations. 

Will the trip run exactly as the itinerary is planned?

EBT staff does everything in their power to ensure things run smoothly. When it comes to flights, weather, road construction, etc, these factors are out of our control

However, it is important to remember that adventure travel is all about the journey, and so even the unexpected situations we may face should be treated as part of the overall experience. If we encounter issues we will get them sorted to the best of our ability.

Where will I need to fly into to start the tour?

You need to arrive at Kamkatcha Airport (PCR) on day one of the tour at the latest. 

We do recommend that people arrive earlier if your schedule permits. Pre-tour accommodation is not included.  

Your accommodation is NOT included for the days leading up to the start of the tour or the days after the tour has ended. Day 1 is the first day accommodation is included. If you need an affordable place to stay before or after the tour starts/ends, we can provide recommendations. It is possible to find a very nice hotel room in Islamabad for $40-50/night (less if you share the room with a fellow tour guest).

Do I need to sign a release waiver?

All tour participants will be required to sign an industry-standard waiver releasing Epic Backpacker Tours from any liability to the trip.

Feel free to send us a message using our contact page!

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