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Where Volcanoes Meet the Sea: The Kamchatka Peninsula

When most people think of Siberia, they conjure images of vast ice fields, desolation, and the former destination for many unlucky prisoners being sent to Stalin’s infamous Siberian gulags. 

The vast expanse of land known as Siberia is a Russian province encompassing most of Northern Asia, with terrain spanning tundra, coniferous forest and multiple mountain ranges including the Ural, Altai, and Verkhoyansk. 

The very eastern edge of Siberia touches a place called the Kamchatka Peninsula; a land of myth and legend, volcanoes, and ocean. 

Geographically, the Kamchatka is closer to Alaska than it is to Moscow. 

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a world-class trekking and climbing destination free from the crowds of people you find in Europe and Nepal. 

This is a true wilderness area where you can witness surreal volcanic landscapes at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage national park, wild camp under the stars, and observe unique wildlife on the self-supported trek of a lifetime. 

This is the Siberia we want to show you. 

Our Current Tours

Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Dates: September 8th - 20th, 2022

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Things to Know

When to Go


Siberia is subject to hot, humid summers and frigid winters. July is the  peak of the trekking season and also the peak of the mosquitoes! We prefer going during the shoulder months of August or September when there are even less trekking groups and a milder ( though colder) climate. 

Health & Safety

In general, the Kamchatka is a place relatively free of crime found in the big cities. There are brown bears (not grizzlies) out in the national park, though they are typically shy and avoid humans.

Entry & Exit

Getting a Russian Visa is straightforward. You will need a letter of invitation to Russia from our partner in Russia, a copy of your passport, a filled-in visa form, a passport copy, etc. A full list and instructions will be provided when the time comes to apply. It really is not difficult and typically visa approval occurs within 10 days or less. 


While in cities, we feast on a variety of tasty local  Siberian and typical Russian food. For our trek, we pack, healthy, filling dehydrated meals prepared in advance by your guides. Typical dishes include local meat, fish, noodles, pierogis, soups, and… even bear paws – which we still don’t know how we feel about. 


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