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Welcome to Pakistan: The Ultimate Adventure Destination

Nestled in the heart of South Asia, Pakistan is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world. 

There is a reason that countless magazines, online journals, and travel bloggers have declared Pakistan one of the top tourism destinations in the world – the adventure potential here is truly limitless.

That’s why our first ever tour was launched in Pakistan many years ago: we truly believe in this country, its people, and adventures to be found at every turn.

One of the first things our clients say when they have the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains of Pakistan is: “Wow, I had no idea Pakistan was so incredibly beautiful”.  

Our team of highly experienced staff go above and beyond to create the ultimate adventure experience in a country that can be challenging to visit as a solo traveler – creating a fun, international travel vibe for people who don’t normally do group tours. 

Through meticulous planning and amazing support from our Pakistani ground team, the stage is set for you to comfortably explore one of the most compelling countries you will ever visit in your lifetime. 

We’d love to have you join our team for a truly unforgettable adventure through the mountains, cities, and small villages of Pakistan. 

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Things to Know

When to Go

March – October

Pakistan has 4 distinct seasons in the mountains. Spring (March-May) brings the cherry blossom season, cooler temperatures and snow in the high mountains. Summer (June – September) is the best time for trekking in the high mountains. Cities in Punjab can be brutally hot and humid during the summer. During the fall (October and November) the tree foliage explodes with golden, red, and orange hues. Winter temperatures in the mountains are often sub-zero. 

Health & Safety

Despite its poor reputation for safety in the Western media, Pakistan is a very safe place for foreign tourists to visit. Pakistani people are among the most welcoming people we have encountered in our years of travel. Our experienced team of guides provide support on challenging treks and prioritize group safety, hazard awareness, and accident prevention as our standard operating procedure.

Epic Backpacker Tours supplies PPE gear in accordance with local Covid 19 safety protocols.

Entry & Exit

When it comes to food, Pakistan has something for everyone. Sweets, curries, chapati, endless chai, meat dishes, daal, bbq kebab, potatoes with field greens, bindi… these are some of our favorite things. 


Pakistan still has pretty strict visa policies, which means most foreign nationals will need to apply for a visa in advance. Epic Backpacker Tours supplies every client joining us on a trip with a Letter of Invitation and other supporting documents needed for the visa application.

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