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Our Mission Statement

The Epic Mission: What We Stand For

From our days of running a single trip a few times a year in Pakistan to now operating in multiple countries and continents – our values and ethics remain the same. We are still that same, plucky adventure tour company punching far above its weight in the realm of unique, raw adventure travel. 

We believe in the power of travel to change lives, inspire growth, build stronger personal foundations, inspire teamwork, and push the limits of what our expeditions can do for our clients. 

Our company was founded on four basic principles:

Go on truly wild and authentic expeditions that other companies don’t go.

Give back to the local communities we work with and pay our local staff above industry standard.

Smash negative stereotypes associated with what many people in the west consider “dangerous countries”.

Take care of mother earth as we go and practice ‘Leave No Trace’ principles on every adventure.

trekkers at ala kul lake

Our Goals​

As we look towards the future, there is a lot to get excited about. At this very moment, we are developing exciting new expeditions, growing our team of industry professionals, and setting our sights on what the coming years will bring.

Surviving the Covid Era is something that everyone working in the travel space can be proud of. Now that we are on the other end of that period (almost) we want to continue to be on the cutting edge of adventure travel companies doing things the right way.

Epic Backpacker Tours hand-crafts each itinerary we run, never outsources a single trip to third-party companies, and aims to keep our trips as inclusive and affordable as possible for all of the unique travelers who enjoy our adventure style.

We will continue to be industry leaders in small-scale adventure tourism while opening up new expedition opportunities for our clients, jobs for our local partners, and much-needed sustainable income for local communities.

How Does Our Ethos Make an Impact?​

From the start, Epic Backpacker Tours expeditions have focused on keeping our tours as green as possible by eliminating things like single-use plastic from our trips, practicing leave-no-trace principles when camping, and going overland when possible to avoid the extra carbon footprint of flying.

We don’t believe in “in and out” tourism which can make travelers feel like passive voyeurs – we deeply care about the communities we visit and there is a reason why our colleagues on the ground where we work are like family to us.

Our work over the years has translated into investing in local community projects like helping our friend in Hunza achieve his dream of starting the first-ever backpacker hostel for international travelers.

We have also worked with NGOs in Baltistan who provide services to orphans and we also organize annual campsite clean-ups in multiple areas of Northern Pakistan during the K2 Base Camp Trek.

Every year during Ramadan, we work together with our local partners supporting a food drive to feed and clothes local families in need.

Our immersive approach means that our clients are able to form genuine connections with the natural environment, gain unique perspectives about a new culture, and cultivate real friendships with the local people we encounter on expeditions.

Our Philosophy and Epic Belief System

Here are the 10 key aspects of the Epic belief system:

  1. Our trips are real expeditions and every adventure offers aspects that you won’t find anywhere else.
  2. Nothing is impossible; there is always a way forwards.
  3. Our journeys feel more like real adventures rather than a classic holiday.
  4. Invest in local communities and our staff.
  5. There is never a logistical problem too complex to solve.
  6. The earth is our home and we need to do our part to protect it at all costs.
  7. Set ambitious goals and achieve ambitious targets.
  8. Find purpose in our work.
  9. Provide the best customer service in the business.
  10. Practice what we preach – we highly value authenticity, honesty, and hard work.
adventure travel pakistan

Curating Community Through Adventure​

Many of the people attracted to our expeditions are experienced world travelers use to traveling solo or at least not on a group expedition. They come to us to take their adventures up a notch while connecting with others who want to experience the same sort of next-level travel style. 

Epic Backpacker Tours has become a conduit for connecting link-minded adventure junkies in a way that forms life long bonds and relationships. 

There is also a reason why we have A LOT of repeat customers; once you experience the Epic Style, you will become an integral part of our travel community inspired for the next adventure or challenge. 

Methods and Approaches for Adventure Travel

Our trips by their very nature involve encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone in order to gain deep experiences with the natural world, form raw connections to new cultures, and push your own physical limits at times.

We designed our expeditions so that you can glean the best of all three components mentioned above. We actively seek out mind-blowing trails, unique accommodation, fun transport options, expert staff, and all of the other details that go into making our adventures truly EPIC.

We develop trips by going there ourselves, getting our boots dirty and our knees scraped – and putting all the pieces together that go into making a truly unique adventure.

Whether we arrive by foot, horse, mule, jeep, 6×6 truck, or parachute – for us it is all about the journey – and every surprise and slice of magic that is there to take in along the way.

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