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Meet the Team

The Epic Backpacker Tours team is one big happy family of outdoor adventure professionals with the shared commitment to offering up the highest level of unique adventure and cultural experiences.

We believe in forging unique connections and strong relationships across the globe while providing great jobs for great people.

Chris Lininger

Founder / Guide / Director​

For the last ten years, Chris has been seeking out every shade of adventure in various parts of the globe.

Since 2012, Chris has logged more than 6000 trail miles across five continents. 

He is an experienced guide with a passion for facilitating the discovery of new cultures, mind-bending landscapes, and outdoor experiences. 

Chris gets down on using photography to dismantle negative stereotypes regarding what mainstream media considers “dangerous” countries., long distance hiking, learning languages, mountaineering, and making tasty coffee above 6,000 meters .

For him, an ideal start of the day begins with the beam of a headlamp, alpine boots, and a camera in hand.

When he is not leading or planning tours, Chris works as a writer and photographer on his blog Off the Atlas – an adventure travel blog all about Pakistan. 

He aims to eliminate negative stereotypes associated with traveling to places like Pakistan to the wider world. 

Read more about Chris. 


Ralph Cope

Head of Operations / Guide

A veteran of Pakistan travel, Ralph is an experienced guide, photographer, and writer who specializes in documenting remote locations. Not one to simply go where everyone else does, he insists on exploring new and lesser-known areas.


Together with Epic Backpacker Tours, he shows people parts of Pakistan that most other operators don’t even know about. He is particularly fond of the village of Barah, which he believes will become just as famous as Hunza one day.


João Freitas

Adventure Guide

João has born in the mountains of Madeira Islands in Portugal. Nature lover, writer, musician, guide, for him, a day without contact with outdoor vibes is a nightmare.

With a degree in Cultural Studies in Portugal and a Master of Arts in Global Cultures and Creativity in the U.K. João found out what really matters in life can be found on the trails, and in the contact with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Guiding, crazy trekking missions, sharing observations about the natural world, – these are some of João’s passions.

After his trek to K2 Base Camp and other adventures in the north of Pakistan, the love of the country and the local people resulted in his desire to share these feelings with world

When not in Pakistan, João is  guiding and exploring in the Madeira Islands trails –  discovering some of the hidden treasures on his Portuguese Island.


pakistani guide

Zahid Hussein

Adventure Guide

Local legend Zahid Hussein has been on board with Epic Backpacker Tours for a few years. His laugh is contagious and his outdoor skills, local knowledge, and guiding experience in Baltistan are second to none.

Zahid is a truly fantastic human being who has made an enormous positive impact on his community as well as on the general trekking scene in Pakistan.


Pedro Ricardo Dias

Adventure Guide

Pedro’s been traveling all around the globe since 2009. His keen interests in documentary photography, rural life, and local people from different ethnic groups have been the focus of many of his professional projects.

Since 2012, he has developed his passion for travel and awesome shared experiences into a full time adventure photography tour leader position.

Pedro has found himself continuously going back to the Middle East, with his likely favorite destination being Iran. Pedro will be leading his 11th tour in Iran with EBT this coming spring 2020

When Pedro’s not traveling the world with Epic Backpacker Tours, you’ll find him based in the western south of Portugal planning he’s next adventure missions, logistics and working out his photos in local exhibitions.


epic backpacker tours team

Sohail Sakhi

Adventure Guide

Sohail is the newest addition to the Epic Backpacker Tours team and we are beyond stoked to have him on board. As a veteran of the Karakoram and a native of Karimabad in Hunza, there is not much Sohail can’t do in the mountains. 

Besides having the ability to speak more languages than we can count, Sohail has explored every corner of Gilgit Baltistan and logged more trekking miles in a year then most people will do in a lifetime. In the summer of 2021, Sohail summited Gasherbrum 2 – one of Pakistan’s 5 8000 meter peaks. 


women trekking in pakistan

Laura Brown

Adventure Admin

Laura is a former English as a Second Language Teacher who has lived in 9 countries (and taught in 5 of them) always having a passion for travel and adventure. 

After visiting Pakistan on an epic tour to the Hunza region with EPIC, she became hooked on Pakistan just like the rest of us and has now found a new addiction; the mountains.

Besides the mountains, Laura is addicted to coffee, ceramics, the gym and is pursuing a seemingly never-ending master’s degree in art therapy whilst working hard behind the scenes for Epic Backpacker Tours. 

Diane Bouvet

Adventure Admin / Marketing

After fleeing from the corporate fashion world in Paris towards the start of 2020, Diane has been working as a web developer and graphic designer remotely from various bases across the globe.  


She brings all of her incredible design and organizational power to Epic Backpacker Tours and is responsible for many of the beautiful behind-the-scenes design elements. Diane has been to Pakistan twice including all over Gilgit Baltistan and KPK. 

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