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Land of the Nomads and Epic Landscapes

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best-kept secrets amongst adventurers, a hidden gem of a country nestled between some of the most isolated and epic landscapes in the world. Many people upon arriving exclaim at the beauty of Kyrgyzstan and why so few people know about it: we aim to change this.  

We love Kyrgyzstan for its immensely varied landscapes, unique nomadic culture, and adventure potential. Few countries in the world allow you to experience soaring mountains, lush meadows, and surreal desert formations all in the course of a single day…

And we haven’t even gotten to the alien landscape that is Issyk Kul: arguably one of the most impressive alpine lakes in the world. 

Best of all, Kyrgyz people are warm, friendly, and immensely hospitable. Doesn’t matter if you’re chilling in a yurt camp with nomads or having a pint of beer at the esteemed Save the Ales brewery in Bishkek – everywhere you’ll find good people.

Our staff has gone to great lengths to craft the best itinerary possible for Kyrgyzstan. It would seem simple, given the extraordinary nature of the country, but we’ve gone the extra length to make sure you have an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Join on a trip in the land of the horsemen and limitless boundaries. We’d love to show why Kyrgyzstan is one of our favorite countries in the world.

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Discover the Celestial Mountains

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Things to Know

When to Go


Kyrgyzstan is subject to hot, dry summers and frigid winters. The spring months are a great time to visit the lower, more arid regions, but alpine areas will still be snowed in. July is when the trekking season starts.

Health & Safety

Kyrgyzstan is a safe country by many standards. Violent and petty crimes are rare, although corruption is not unheard of. Water is generally potable in Kyrgyzstan and food sanitation is good. The chances of getting sick are comparable to those in a Western nation.


Kyrgyz cuisine is mostly a mix of Russian and traditional nomadic cooking. Meat and bread are very integral to the local diet. Fresh fruits and salads are still common though, which bodes well for vegetarians.

Entry & Exit

Kyrgyzstan has a relaxed visa policy and many nationalities can enter visa-free for 30-60 days. The primary point of entry is Manaus International Airport near Bishkek. Common connections are Istanbul and Moscow.

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