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Discover the Real Iran

One of the least visited countries in the Middle East – a journey into Iran is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of Persian culture and landscapes first hand. 

Perhaps no country has been vilified in western media as much as Iran. This is not the country you have heard about on the news.

For many decades, Iran has been a closed book waiting to be read by the outside world. 

Epic Backpacker Tours is beyond excited to embark on this adventure with you deep into the enchanted and deeply complex land of Persia, show you the classic highlights, and also give you a glimpse of what everyday life is all about in modern Iranian society in its bustling cities, small villages, and nomadic camps of the Zagros mountains.  

From the mouth-watering food and absurdly welcoming people to the history of the ancient Persian Empire and rugged mountain and desert landscapes — Iran has a little bit of everything and you are going to experience it first hand. 

Be prepared to have all of the pre-conceptions you thought you had about this country shattered as you peek behind the curtain to discover the powerful story that is Iran.

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Things to Know

When to Go

April and May – September and October

Springtime brings cooler temperatures, spring flowers, and of course… Persian New Year! September and October tours tend to be warmer, but the weather is generally clear and perfect for trekking in the mountains. 

Health & Safety

Despite many misconceptions, Iran is actually one of the safest and most stable countries in the region. Our experienced staff are always briefed on the security situation in any given region before we visit. 

Entry & Exit

Iran has some complex visa requirements, but never fear! Epic Backpacker Tours obtains all of the paperwork you need to sort the visa. While some nationalities can get visas on arrival (VOA)- we prefer to prepare every trip member’s visa in advance. Yes, we can provide supporting documents to USA/UK/Canada nationals too! 


Iranian Food offers a unique take on Middle Eastern. Kebabs and Falafel are available widely as are Olives and Pistachios nuts.

Fresh fruits and salads are still common though, which bodes well for vegetarians. 

Prepare to eat your heart out. 

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