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Our Covid Promise

Traveling in Times of Covid 19 and The Covid Variants

Since March 2020 – the global travel industry and the concept of going on holidays in general have changed as we know it.  

Epic Backpacker Tours and our partners in the countries where we operate have confronted the global crisis by keeping our mindset positive and adapting our trips and policies to this new era of travel. We owe it to our incredible staff and clients for keeping the dream of Epic Backpacker Tours alive in the face of a global health crisis. 

As we look ahead to the 2022 season and beyond – there is a whole lot to get excited about and we want to be the ones to get you back out there on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Our Covid Promise

Here at Epic Backpacker Tours, we do not sugarcoat things either. While traveling right now is becoming easier by the day as more and more governments ease travel restrictions and the global Covid numbers continue to decline, the idea of planning a holiday right now is stressful and complex – full stop. 

For much of the pandemic, travel has been unpredictable and travel logistics have been complicated.  

That’s exactly why as of March 2020 we have been offering some of the most flexible booking policies in the adventure travel industry. 

We want to remove the anxiety associated with international travel by giving you our Covid Promise; when it comes to your holiday booking; we believe that there should be no uncertainty or anxiety or questions left unanswered. 

There are no grey areas in our policy: your booking dollars are 100% covered in the event that Covid-related issues prevent you from coming on the trip OR if we have to cancel a guaranteed trip due to Covid complications, border closures, etc. 

We will also never collect a full trip payment from you unless a trip is guaranteed. 

Our Covid Refund Policy (Updated 2022)

If you have already booked or plan to book a trip with Epic Backpacker Tours, please note the following: clients are entitled to have their full trip balance moved to another trip if Covid impacts their travel plans in some tangible way (IE contraction, government travel bans, etc) OR request a FULL REFUND if we cancel the tour due to logistical, safety, and/or travel complications related to Covid-19. 

Full refund of balance or full trip credit will be issued for the following reasons: 

ScenarioRefund Option
Clients can provide Epic Backpacker Tours with medical proof that they or a family member has Coronavirus. EPIC Travel Credit equal to total balance paid.
There is a government travel ban issued by your home country or we are unable to run our trip due to Covid travel bans.Full refund or full travel credit towards a future trip.
Epic cancels the trip due to minimum numbers not being met.Full refund or full travel credit towards a future trip.

If you’d like more detailed information, click here to read our full terms and conditions policy

Epic Backpacker Tours Covid Safety Protocols

Group safety – both for our clients – and the people we work with on the ground – are our #1 priority. 

Epic Backpacker Tours will never compromise the health or well-being of our clients if the health/Covid situation in a country is deemed to be unreasonable by global health experts. 

Here is what we are doing to ensure our trips run responsibly, ethically, and with the intention to minimize health risks associated with Covid 19:

All Epic Backpacker Tours guides have been fully vaccinated against Covid 19. 

The local staff in the countries where we operate have also been fully vaccinated against Covid 19. 

When flying into a country where a trip is taking place, our staff are tested twice (PCR and Rapid Antigen tests).

The hotels we use during our trips have been selected based on their standard of compliance with Covid sanitary health protocols. 

We make sure that all areas of common use including elevators, staircases and public restrooms will be frequently cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

The vans, jeeps, and shuttles we hire to transport our clients go through a similar protocol as the hotels we use. 

Our drivers are vaccinated and the vehicles go through a daily cleaning and disinfectant process. 

The group size for our trips remains far below industry averages – you’ll never see a group of 25 people on one of our adventures! 

On average our trips have 8 -10 people, with a maximum number being 12 or 14 depending on the trip. 

In order to ensure group safety and to promote a positive team mindset, ALL of our clients must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19 to join one of our tours. 

More Tips and Resources for Covid Travel

  •  Book travel insurance that does not have Covid exclusions and that can offer tailored advice about Covid-related health concerns. We recommend Global Rescue.
  • Try to limit your exposure before traveling abroad by keeping your personal contact with crowds / large groups of people limited in the days before taking your international flight. 
  • Read more about Coronavirus and the Global Situation: World Health Organisation (WHO).

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