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Hunza Culture: People Born in the Mountains

hunza culture

For many centuries the people of Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan have been living in the shadows of the mighty Karakoram Mountains. It was not until the Karakoram Highway opened in the late 1970s that access to the various valleys that make up the greater Hunza region was even possible by car. To give you […]

10 Reasons Why the K2 Base Camp Trek Should Be On Your Bucket List

trekking in pakistan

Nestled deep inside the Karakoram mountain range of Northern Pakistan lies a rare patch of earth where some of the world’s highest peaks jut of vast glacier systems, rock, and ice. This region is steeped in mystery, climbing lore, and the stuff of adventure legend. Central Karakoram National Park is home to FOUR 8000 meter […]

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