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Everest Base Camp vs K2 Base Camp: Which is better?

everest vs k2 base camp trek

Mount Everest and K2 are the two highest mountains in the world respectively.  They both host two of the greatest trekking itineraries on the entire planet as well. Visiting either would be a dream come true for many eager hikers.  But neither of these two mountains are necessarily quick or easy to visit. It takes […]

Barah Broq Trail Report and Trekking Guide

Barah Broq is one of the best ways of seeing K2 in a relatively quick manner. Not only that, it also features quintessential Karakoram scenery and the chance to come into contact with communities that rarely see outsiders. Thing is: hardly anyone knows anything about Barah Broq. It has only become a hiking destination in […]

Get to Know a Guide: Ralph Cope

Hello fellow adventurers! In this week’s blog post, we continue our ‘Get to Know a Guide‘ series and introduce to you another one of the epic staff. This time, we got to know a bit more about Ralph Cope, Head of Operations here at Epic Backpacker Tours. He also works as a guide throughout the […]

The Glaciers of Pakistan – An Overview

concordia at k2 base camp

Many people travel to Pakistan for the opportunity to undertake a high-altitude trek and see some of the highest mountains in the world. Of course, like most alpine regions, there is a fair amount of glacier present on these excursions. Actually, the concentration of glaciers in Pakistans is actually extremely high. If you travel to […]

All About Food in Pakistan

Pakistani food is, in our opinion, is some the tastiest we’ve ever had on our travels. Rich, flavorful, filling, and, at times, spicey, it has all of the things that we expect and love. Seriously, the food is a highlight of every trip we make in Pakistan and will be one of the things you […]

Get to Know a Guide: Chris Lininger

Hello fellow adventurers! In this week’s post, we’re going to be sharing a brand new format where we interview the staff at Epic Backpacker Tours and find out more about who they are as an individual and as a guide. This is a great opportunity to peek behind the scenes and to see the method […]

How to Prepare for the K2 Base Camp Trek

k2 base camp trek

We get asked these questions a lot by people: “just how difficult is the trek to K2 Base Camp?” and “how can one prepare for it?” The journey to base camp is not always easy. There are numerous challenges along the way – the weather and rugged terrain to name a few – that need […]

Food in Kyrgyzstan: The Good, Bad, and the Weird

two women cooking at issyk kul kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is mostly known for its epic landscapes and nomadic culture. But what about the food in Kyrgyzstan? Is it good enough to warrant consideration whilst planning a trip to this incredible country? And what about vegetarians? Are they going to be able to survive this country or forced to live off of rice and […]

Hiking in Asian Patagonia: Kyrgyzstan’s Paradise Lost

Have you ever heard of Asian Patagonia? Hidden deep in the Turkestan Range of Kyrgyzstan, this remote and relatively undiscovered place is an adventurer’s dream.

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